Horizon Hobby Blade Inductrix FPV + BNF

Written by Ashley Rauen
The Inductrix FPV gets an upgrade
Product review
As seen in the Winter 2018 issue of
Park Pilot.

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Type: BNF multirotor
Skill level: Beginner to experienced
Height: 1.97 inches
Length: 3.9 inches
Weight: 1.69 ounces
Needed to complete: Five-plus channel Spektrum transmitter; compatible 5.8 GHz video receiver or headset
Flight time: 4 to 6 minutes
Price: $139.99 BNF; $229.99 RTF with DVR
Info: horizonhobby.com


>> Durable airframe
>> 500 mAh 1S LiPo with USB charger
>> 8mm brushless motors
>> High-current PH2.0 UM battery connector
>> 32-channel 25 mW video transmitter
>> 600 TVL camera with a 140° field of view
>> Lightweight and durable dipole antenna
>> LED tail light
>> SAFE technology featuring Altitude Mode
>> Meow Mode

Product Review

>> Horizon Hobby’s Blade Inductrix FPV + is the third iteration in the Inductrix family. Larger and with more power, the FPV + is a great step up to more-advanced micro FPV flying. Beginners are still welcome to fly it, using the included SAFE technology and the introduction of Meow Mode.

There are some incredible improvements to the FPV + when compared with the original Inductrix FPV. The first is its frame. The new, larger frame is constructed with more durability and holds up well to bumps and crashes. As a frequent flier of the original Inductrix—and a self-proclaimed expert in replacing broken frames—I love the new FPV + frame.

The FPV + includes more power by moving from 6 to 8mm motors. Not only can you fly faster, you can fly in new locations. This multirotor is strong enough to fly outside on calm days.

The 8mm motors offer more power and increased flight speeds.

Flight times are longer thanks to the 500 mAh LiPo battery. I was easily in the air for up to 6 minutes for each flight. The battery connector was also upgraded and is now larger. This made plugging in simpler and it feels like a more stable connection overall. One of the biggest advantages to this connector is that it allows better current transfer and gives consistent power to the motors.

Horizon Hobby made a smart move when it relocated the button to change the video transmitter channel on the FPV +. It’s now located on the side of the canopy. The original Inductrix’s button was on the top, and sometimes bumping the ceiling caused the channel to inadvertently change. You no longer need to worry about this with the new canopy layout.

The 1S 500 mAh LiPo battery allows for flight times of up to 6 minutes.

But wait, there’s more! The FPV + has an LED tail light that assists with line-of-sight flying. The coolest part of this is that you can customize your quad by changing the light’s color. Five colors are available, making it easy to keep track of which quadcopter is yours when you and your friends get together for an FPV + flying day. In case you’re wondering, my tail light is purple because that was one of the available colors.

I should probably fly this thing now, don’t you think? I’m reviewing the FPV + BNF (Bind-N-Fly) version, so I paired it with my Spektrum DX6e and used a pair of Fat Shark Teleporter V4 goggles.

It’s instantly apparent at takeoff how much power these 8mm motors offer. I was surprised at how the FPV + seemed to launch upward with just a small amount of throttle. This quad responds quickly to control input, so minimal stick movement is necessary.

SAFE technology lets the pilot control how much bank angle the FPV + will allow during flight. Beginners are best to stay in either Angle or Altitude mode.

The high-current PH2.0 UM battery connector creates a better current transfer and gives consistent power to the motors.

Altitude Mode is new with this Inductrix model. It helps the FPV + maintain distance from the ground in addition to its self-leveling capabilities. This is perfect for beginners who aren’t yet comfortable with keeping their models at a consistent height.

I flew in Angle Mode most of the time because I’ve been working to improve my hovering skills. This forces me to control my own altitude, but I’m still protected by the self-leveling feature.

If you are already fairly confident in your flying abilities and looking for more of a challenge, Agility Mode is perfect. There are no bank angle limits and the model will not return to level flight on its own, so you can perform some basic freestyle aerobatics. This is the time to fine-tune your rates and exponential to get your FPV + to perform the way you want.

The Inductrix FPV + looks great in the air and is tons of fun to fly.

Meow Mode is more than an adorable name and shoutout to felines everywhere. This innovation comes in handy when you find yourself upside down. With the push of a button, the FPV + becomes catlike and flips itself over to land on its feet. No more walking across the room to get back into flight position.

I had a lot of experience using Meow Mode. It really does get you back to where you need to be. The only caveat is that its effectiveness depends on where you land. For example, a few times I landed up against a wall and when I tried to flip over, the wall prevented that from happening. As long you have the FPV + on its back and away from other obstacles, Meow Mode is a convenient feature.

I don’t think I can fully convey how fun the Blade Inductrix FPV + is. The nearly 6-minute flight times are the perfect length to cruise around and take full advantage of all of the features offered in this micro-size FPV drone. This is a great next step in the Horizon Hobby Blade Inductrix line.

-Ashley Rauen


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