Pilot's Choice Reviews

The Wings Maker Ultimate EP

Check out this all-foam, Pre-assembled Combo from AirBorne Models. Article and photos Andy Wargo. Featured in the Winter 2014 issue of Park Pilot.

The World Models Zero Fighter 40 (EP)

This World War II aggressor features silkscreened detail and factory-installed retracts. Article and photos Jeff Troy. Featured in the Winter 2014 issue of Park Pilot.

AirHogs Helix X4

Low cost, two flight modes, a three-maneuver stunt button, and big fun indoors or out. Article and photos by Tom Sullivan. Featured in the Fall 2013 issue of Park Pilot.

Heli-Max Axe 100 SSL Brushless Heli

Fly this heli day or night with built-in LED lights. Written by Chris Mulcahy. Digital exclusive review of this brushless helicopter.

Flight Simulator Roundup

A Virtual Flight Experience With Three Top RC Simulators. Article, photos, and video by Jay Smith. Featured in the May 2013 issue of Model Aviation magazine.

Twisted Hobbys Crack Yak-55 “Lite”

High-level, unlimited indoor aerobatics are the specialty of the house. Article and photos by Dave Lockhart. Featured in the Spring 2013 issue of Park Pilot.


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