Changes underway at AMA's website

Written by Chris Savage
New features, a new look, and the runway ahead
For members
As seen in the Summer 2018 issue of
Park Pilot.

>> At AMA, we know our online presence is an important resource for you and for the growth of the model aviation hobby. Recently, we’ve been working behind the scenes to retool and reinvent our online experience. We are excited to announce that we have released a new website at!

Think for a moment about how you’ve used our website. Maybe you joined AMA online or recently renewed your membership. You might have used the event calendar to find activities happening near you, or the club search tool to get connected with other hobbyists. When you have a question about your AMA membership benefits, or you just want the latest hobby news, AMA’s website is probably your first stop.

All of these great resources that you rely on will still be available, and you’ll find some new and exciting improvements to complement them! For example, we all know that “there’s no second chance for a first impression.” When you visit our new website, you’ll find a modernized look and feel that performs great on desktop computers and mobile devices to ensure you have a great online experience, no matter where you are!

The homepage has been carefully designed to provide a great balance of information and resources for first-time visitors and longtime members alike. When you’re there, simplified navigation puts many of our most-requested resources a single click or tap away.

New AMA members will have their AMA membership number—the key to unlocking their membership benefits—delivered to them instantly when joining, and existing members will find a new self-service area that includes information about their current subscriptions and flying interests.

Members will also find better online tools for sanctioning events and chartering clubs, while a new online store makes shopping and completing online transactions simpler and more enjoyable than ever!

The new website you’ll see at is only one component of a retooling of AMA’s technology platforms. This work is building a new, solid foundation for us to improve your digital experience by allowing us to serve you more quickly, more efficiently, and in a more personalized way.

During the next several weeks and months, you’ll continue to see new features released that are aimed at improving the membership experience. Through this work, we’ll be just a phone call away if you have any questions. In addition, we’d love to hear your ideas about the work that we’re doing. Your feedback is the most important tool in our field box.

For aeromodelers, changing technology is nothing new. The sport and hobby of model aviation is a well-known incubator for technological advancement in aerospace—driven by a community of inventors, scientists, problem-solvers, and curious minds. We couldn’t be more excited to make these investments to support that legacy, the hobby, and the hobbyists who we know and love. We can’t wait to see you online!

-Chris Savage


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